45 Pieces of Queanbeyan ~ Mangle


Mangle from Yvonne, c1910

Thomas Bradford and Co. Crescent Iron Works, Salford, Manchester, England & 140, 142, 143 High Holborn, London, England
metal and wood
1110 wide x 1280 high x 500 deep

Large metal mangle on wheels with winding handle and two heavy weights. The two wooden rollers and handle have been restored by Queanbeyan Museum.

The mangle came from Yvonne lying in hospital. Yvonne (75 Campbell St, Queanbeyan) was built in 1910 by Francis O’Connor for John and Mary Johnston. In 1910 Mary Johnston established a private maternity hospital at Yvonne which operated until 1944. In that time more than 1700 babies were delivered by Mary at Yvonne and she attended many home births as well.

The mangle was used to wring out washed linen and clothes, and to press, smooth and add gloss to dampened household linen.

Mangled linen did not need to be ironed and the glossy surface meant it did not soil as readily.

Mangles were common from the 1850s in hotels, boarding houses, large households an hospitals. It was one of the first machines designed to make domestic life easier.


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