Queanbeyan and District Historical Museum Society Inc.

Preserving and Promoting Queanbeyan’s History and Heritage for 47 years

We were established in 1969.

We are an Incorporated Not For Profit Society.

The Principal Objects of the Society are:

(a) To promote and administer the establishment and maintenance of an Historical Museum in suitable premises within the City of Queanbeyan;

(b) To encourage the study of the history of Queanbeyan and district, and of Australia in relation to it;

(c) To promote and undertake the preservation of books, manuscripts, newspapers, furniture, vehicles, machines, chattels and any other records or objects of historical interest by acquisition by the Society by means of donation, bequest, purchase or otherwise for their deposit in the Queanbeyan & District Historical Museum or deposit with an appropriate authority;

(d) To secure the preservation of places of historic and aesthetic interest, such as houses, buildings, cemeteries, etc. by a local, State or Commonwealth authority, or in any other way;

(e) To promote

(i) the writing of accurate historical works and studies relating to the areas in which the Society is interested, and

(ii) the establishments of such memorials, tablets and other markers as may be considered appropriate.

From the strategic plan of the organistion we have identified a mission and goals for the museum:

Mission of the Queanbeyan Museum

The Museum of Queanbeyan aims to express the sense of history, place and identity in the Queanbeyan region.

It does this by operating a museum, developing a collection and promoting historical activities that are interesting, educational and relevant to both residents and visitors.

 Goals of the museum

1. Operate a sustainable museum: open, organised, active

2. Build structures for community engagement with the management of the museum

3. Develop the museum as a centre of civic identity in Queanbeyan

4. Mount a programme of inclusive exhibitions that reflects Queanbeyan’s history

5. Conduct community outreach and public programs, including schools

6. Manage the collection efficiently and effectively

7. Facilitate family history knowledge and research

8. Satisfy visitors with the information and experiences they seek

9. Market and promote the Museum

10. Maintain, develop and promote the museum buildings and grounds while preserving their heritage values

The other objects of the Society are:

(f) To foster interchange of information among members of the Society and members of the public by lectures, readings, discussions, excursions, exhibitions and other events

(g) To affiliate and co-operate with other Societies and Institutions having object or objects similar to those of the Society;

(h) To print or otherwise reproduce, publish and circulate such journals, periodicals, books and other literary productions as may seem conducive to any of the objects of the Society;

(i) To carry out and administer all or any of the above objects.

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