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Quinbean Historical Journal

Queanbeyan Museum is proud of its historical journal, called Quinbean to reflect the spelling of the original property of Timothy Beard.

Did you know our Society History Journal Quinbean has been published for fourteen years and contains 41 journals in 14 Volumes? It was the brainchild of Andrew Blundell and Gillian Kelly way back in 2007 and since then there have been at least three a year editions printed.  So well worth celebrating! Of course, the Society has published historical items in the early versions of the QDHMS Newsletter for many, many years and we have plans to digitise these. We would like to gather contributions to Quinbean which takes 30-40 hours per edition for the editors to put together. It is your city’s historical journal and we would love your contributions!

Make it your journal!  We’d like to cast the net fairly widely and welcome anything to do with Queanbeyan and district history. We want Quinbean to be accessible and not too stuffy! Family and oral history, interesting photographs, poetry and personal stories and memories are great.

Small and interesting snippets are absolutely fine. Three or four A4 pages is the usual length for an article. The Editor tries to publish in the next edition, but sometimes articles may be held over for later or split over several editions.

Please acknowledge where you have quoted another author or source directly and list all sources at the end of your article. You will need to check on copyright for any photographs you use.

Contributors can e-mail or post to the museum or ring us to make arrangements.

John McGlynn and Kerrie Ruth Editors

Ph: 6297 2730 e-mail: qbynhmuseum@gmail.com; mcglynn_john@hotmail.com

Mail: PO Box 480, Queanbeyan 2620