School visits

We Welcome School Groups as well as Community Groups

We regularly host Primary Schools and Community groups from Queanbeyan and its surrounds.

The Museum has many exhibits which children find interesting, especially the contrast between the way we do things now and in the past.  Some objects that demonstrate this include the telephone, washing machine, kitchen utensils and medical instruments.

school scene

Education Kit

The museum is brimming with many objects, many of which can be used to tempt your students to undertake a process of historical inquiry, understand historical concepts and gain historical skills. These processes, skills and concepts can be enacted and demonstrated through using and extending their literacy skills and modes. 

The museum was funded to develop an Education Kit to help teachers make the most of our displays, objects and people. The Kit is in three parts:

Part A [QM_educationkit_teachers]: For teachers: introduces the museum in the context of Queanbeyan history and outlines eight different student activities, each with pre and post visit exercises to strengthen learning.  Each activity is linked to specific resources in Part B and student handouts in Part C.  Depending on the size of your group you could choose one or more activities for your class.  There is also potential for repeat visits to look at the objects in different ways.

Part B [QM_handout]: Resources (for teachers to use, including the practicalities of organizing an excursion to the museum and Venue Safety Information).

Part C [QM_resources]: Handouts (for teachers to print for the students).

This project is supported by Create NSW’s Volunteer Museum Grant Program, a devolved funding program administered by Museums & Galleries of NSW on behalf of the NSW Government.

Contact us to arrange a visit or discuss our Education Kit.

School and Groups Co-ordinator: Mrs Frances Flanagan


Phone: 62381464

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