Access to the collection

Access requests should be directed to the President and will be considered by the Management Committee. A charge may be levied depending on the request and the use of the information.

QDHMS Inc. Interim Access Statement
QDHMS Inc. objective is to tell the story of the town and its district through exhibition.
Because the exhibition space is small only a small portion of the collection can be displayed at any one time.  QDHMS Inc. is aware that there are times when people have an interest in seeing stored items and it is the philosophy of the Society that such requests will be dealt with sympathetically within the following guidelines:

Applicants will need to identify the reason for their request.  These might include:

For specific and identifiable research, including family histories
To allow families to view objects belonging to previous generations
To support investigative reporting for press stories
To support the work of QCC including the Local History Librarian

Small photographs are filed in filing cabinet and those catalogued are easily accessed (MF file)
Small items of ephemera such as programmes, funeral cards etc are filed as above and those catalogued are easily accessed (EF)
Small objects are packed appropriately and stored in boxes on shelving.  Accessibility depends on the purpose of the request and the criteria listed below:

The greater part of the collection is not yet catalogued, and while many of the items are known and can be found, it will be some time before the majority of the collection can be readily accessed.

Items have been catalogued or are known and  easily accessible.
The condition of the item is rated as Good to Fair.  Items in poor condition would be considered according to the request.
The access will enhance the specific need of the researcher – the unpacking and repacking of collection items is time consuming and potentially damaging and so needs to be productive.

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