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Conducted Heritage Walking Tours
The Historical Society can conduct a Heritage Walking Tour of Queanbeyan for groups for a modest donation. Please contact the Society at qbynhmuseum@gmail.com

Brief introduction to Queanbeyan
From time immemorial indigenous people lived in this area and the site of Queanbeyan was a meeting place for a number of groups.

In 1820 Europeans, Wild and Throsby, reached the Queanbeyan River and soon after land grants were given in the area, one to Timothy Beard who called his lot Quinbean.

The area was mainly a farming and pastoral region with a brief time mid-19th century enjoying some wealth, and bushranging,  from nearby goldfields.

At first Queanbeyan was considered a wild somewhat lawless area until the first Police magistrate, Alured Tasker Faunce was appointed in 1837 and the township of Queanbeyan was officially recognised in September1838.

The main stages of the growth of Queanbeyan have been as a  pastoral & agricultural centre, the building of Canberra and the post WW2 migration and building boom.

The historic buildings  remaining in Queanbeyan demonstrate a town with wealth based on all stages of its development.

These include private houses, official buildings, schools, churches, businesses and hotels.


Queanbeyan Museum – 10 Farrer Pl (Old Police Sergeant’s Residence)
Date: 1876
John Gale’s Statue – cnr Lowe St and Farrer Pl
Date: Unveiled 10 March 2001.
William James Farrer Memorial – Farrer Pl
Date: 1935 Sculpted by Raynor Hoff.
Old Municipal Council Chambers – Cnr Lowe St and Farrer Pl
Date: 1925
WW1 Memorial – Cnr Lowe St and Farrer Pl
Date: 1923
Lazarus Sundial Cnr – Lowe St and Farrer Pl
Date: 1860
Queanbeyan Park – Lowe St
Date:  Gazetted 1893. Used from the 1870s
Queanbeyan Showground entrance and showground – Lowe St
Date: Showground 1893. Collett Memorial entrance gates Lowe St  1934.
The Retreat – 72 Lowe St
Date: 1909
Fairholme – 74 Lowe St
Date: 1881
Walsh’s Hotel – 40 Monaro St
Date: Built 1875 as a drapery store. Since 1885 as a licensed house
Tree of Knowledge (Kurrajong) – cnr Crawford and Monaro St (south)
Date: 1898
Royal Hotel – cnr Crawford and Monaro (north)
Date: 1927
Old School of Arts – Evans Building – 110–112 Monaro St
Date: constructed in 1867 by Edwin Oswald Evans. School of Arts from 1894.
School of Arts Billiard Rooms  housed the School of Arts Café and is now Belle Real Estate
Queen’s Bridge over Queanbeyan River
Date: 1975 
Helman’s Cottage – 182 Crawford St
Date: 1878
QPRC Council chambers – Crawford St (old School of Arts)

Date: 1927
Masonic Lodge – 258 Crawford St
Date: 1920s
The Old Fire Station – Crawford St

Date: 1925
Dutton’s Cottage – 256a Crawford St
Date: 1885
Gypsy Manor – 18 Rutledge St
Date: 1880s
Wesleyan Chapel – Methodist Church – Uniting Church – Rutledge St
Date: 1859
Calthorpe’s Cottage – Cnr Lowe and Rutledge St
Date: 1920s
Queanbeyan Public School – cnr Isabella St and Crawford St

Date: 1877
St Benedict’s Convent – cnr Isabella St and Crawford St
Date: Completed in 1882
Suspension Bridge – Isabella St
Date: 1938
Christchurch Queanbeyan – cnr Rutledge and Collett St
Date: 1860
Christchurch Manse – cnr Rutledge and Collett St
Christchurch school house 
Date: 1843 earliest school commenced. 1865  brick extension.
Coroda – 58 Atkinson St
Date: 1861
St Gregory’s Catholic Church
Date: 1847 foundation stone laid. Completed in 1850.
Kent House Cnr – Trinculo Pl and McQuoid St
Date: 1849
Dog and Stile Inn – 11-13 McQuoid St
Date: c1842
Historic Cottages MacQuoid St:
Cottages 70 – 80 MacQuoid St Single and semidetached cottages
Torpy’s Cottage – 51 MacQuoid St
Date: 1870
Lazarus’s Cottage – 38 MacQuoid St
Date: 1870
33 MacQuoid St
Date: 1906
O’Neill’s Cottage – Trinculo Pl (now Queanbeyan Arts Society)
Date: 1880
Queen Elizabeth Park – Cnr Collett and Morisset St
Date: 1838
Byrnes Mill – 58 Collett St
Date:  1883
Mill House – Collett St
Date: 1883
Hibernian Lodge – Collett St
Date: 1865
Old Queanbeyan Hospital – “Rusten House” – Collett St
Date: 1861 Now QPRC  Arts Centre
Furlong House – 15 Morisset St
Date: 1850s
St Stephen’s Presbyterian Manse and Church – Morisset St
Dates: Church 1874. Manse 1883.

Park St  This heritage precinct contains many attractive well restored cottages
Date: Around 1900
Boer War Memorial – cnr Antill and Campbell St
Date: 1903
Memorial Swimming Pool – cnr Crawford and Antill Sts
Date: 11 November 1961 (Armistace Day)
Riverside Cemetery – Erin St  
Date: earliest grave stone 1847
Bulls Cottage – 24 Henderson Rd
Date:  1880s 
Queanbeyan Railway Station – Henderson Rd
Date: Opened September 1887
Glenrock – 26 Malcolm Rd
Date: 1888


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