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History and Landscape – An Artist’s Perspective

IMG_2343_2 11045006_623464217786144_2247061904679559298_o Have just been at the launch of the Queanbeyan Heritage Festival 2015. The theme this year is Conflict and Compassion, with lots of fabulous events in Queanbeyan. Our speaker tonight was Margaret Hadfield with a very moving talk about her journey as an artist, through her Dutch family history connections with the Australians who were killed in WW2 in the skies 10712375_623464121119487_3288506132873648629_oabove and buried on the island where her family lived. She was given a painting of a warship which was done by her own father. This sparked an interest in the connection between art and the people involved in war. She is able to connect with her art the descendents and family of those who were involved and to produce beautiful and emotional artistic remembrances of the events and people involved..