Quinbean Journal, Newsletter, Books for Sale

Quinbean Journal

The meeting place of two rivers or clear waters was known by the local indigenous population as Quinbean,  which is the name of our Historical Journal.

In 1828 an ex-convict named Timothy Beard, who was known to be an innkeeper from Campbelltown, had a squattage called Quinbean on the Molonglo River. Beard was credited with having the first settlement close to the present site of Queanbeyan, though his occupancy was illegal.

Quinbean has been published since 2007.

The Journal is published three times a year and a subscription is is part of your membership to QDHMS Inc.

Quinbean is Edited by John McGlynn and Kerrie Ruth. The Editors welcome contributions.

Please contact us on qbnmuseum@yahoo.com.au

Extra copies of Quinbean can be purchased for $5.00 ea or $4.00 ea if you are a Member.

Some examples of previous Quinbean covers to give you a flavour of our Journal:

Quinbean Cover April 2012

Quinbean Cover February 2009

QDHMS Member’s Newsletter

The Queanbeyan and District Historical Museum Society Members Newsletter is Edited by Kerrie Ruth and Nancy Monk and we welcome your contributions.

You can contact us on qbnmuseum@yahoo.com.au

Download  our  newsletters:

Qbn Museum Newsletter Feb March 2018

Queanbeyan Museum Newsletter October November 2016 (pdf 1.6MB)

Newsletter Final May June 2016 (pdf 2 KB)

QDHMS Newsletter February 2016 12 March 2016 (pdf 1MB)

QDHMS Newsletter October 2015 (pdf 872 KB)

QDHMS Newsletter June 2015 (pdf 856 KB)

Newsletter February 2015 (pdf 1.08 MB)

QDHMS Newsletter October 2014-1 (pdf 4.3MB)

QDHMS Newsletter June 2014 (pdf 4.3 MB)

Newsletter March 2014 (pdf 937KB)

Newsletter Oct 2013  (pdf 5.51 MB)

Newsletter July 2013 (pdf 5.21 MB)

Newsletter February 2013 (pdf 12.47 MB)

Newsletter September 2012  (pdf 15.66 MB)

Newsletter March April 2012 (pdf 5.26 MB)

Books for sale

We have a number of publications for sale at the Museum:

Errol Lea-Scarlett, Queanbeyan District and People, Queanbeyan Municipal Council, 1968 – $10

Susan Mary Withycombe, Town in Transition, Queanbeyan 1945-1985 – $5

Susan Mary Withycombe, Gale Force: John Gale and the Siting of the National Capital, 2001 – $5

Ancel Johnston Townsman : Some Reminiscences of Ancel Kildmore Johnston (1896-1980), 1981  – $2

Compiled by John D Johnston, A Guide to the Naming of the Streets of Queanbeyan, 1979 – $2

Queanbeyan Museum Exhibition Catalogue School of Arts Cafe : the cafe for the showbiz connoisseur 2006 – $2

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