45 Pieces of Queanbeyan ~ Aboriginal Artefacts


Aboriginal Artefacts


A variety of stone tools

The Ngambri people used stone to create tools and weapons. The stone was local but there were relatively few local quarry sites. Some stone was traded with neighbouring clans. There were many manufacturing sites within Ngambri country.

Hammer stones were used to strike flakes form stone cores. The flakes were then shaped for the purpose required. The Ngambri made and used hammers, axes, elouras, points and blades in their daily lives.  Elouras, or scrapers were used for smoothing and sharpening spears and other wooden implements.

Blades were used in the skinning of animals for their pelts and for general cutting purposes.

Points were made from a fine grained stone. Very fine uniform flakes of stone were removed from the stone core using a bone tool. They were primarily used as spear points and as prestige exchange items. They may also have been used in a variety of ceremonial contexts.