45 Pieces of Queanbeyan ~ Wilcox and Gibbs Sewing Machine

 Wilcox and Gibbs_DSC2762

Wilcox and Gibbs Chain Stitch Sewing Machine, c1880

Wilcox and Gibbs, New York, USA
various metals, wood
wooden top: 63cm x 40cm; overall height: 100cm; machine: 22cm x 18cm

Foot cranked chain stitch sewing machine, wooden top, filigree cast iron base

Owned by Mrs Jordan of Morisset St Queanbeyan. Arneson Collection.

This pretty little machine was designed with no bobbin thread and at a price that made it available to most households.

The Automatic No Tension Sewing Machine

Possesses features and advantages which make it the most valuable sewing machine in the world.

It is superior and in advance of every other machine.

It is the only sewing machine in the world without a tension.

Ladies careful of health should have no other.

Willcox & Gibbs
658 Broadway New York



Wilcox and Gibbs Sewing Machine

If one thread will do, why bother with two,

to break, to confuse and to tangle?

There is not a sound when my looper goes round,

no shuttles or bobbins to jangle.

I am quick, yet I make not a single mistake,

you have only to keep me a-going.

And never will I shirk the least bit of work.

But do all the family sewing.

All have confessed, that I am best

for fine robes for dear baby I prepare;

while the boisterous boy will fail to destroy

my work with roughest of wear.

 And when the fair maid is for bridal arrayed

I make for the neatest of seams,

The elegant trousseau, that gratifies you so,

and fills the fond lover with sweet dreams.


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