45 Pieces of Queanbeyan ~ J J Wright’s Store Journal

_DSC2577John James Wright’s Old Post Office Store Journal, 1868-1869

Large journal with leather bound cardboard covers, paper pages
490mm in length x 325mm in width x 120mm deep

The leather bound Journal, from Tuesday 19 May 1868 to Thursday 11 November 1869 contains 1138 pages (although pages 1136 and 1137 have been removed). The soft brown leather covered book has an intact spine but the front cover has suffered a lot of damage. The covers are made of three thick layers of board.   The back cover is in better condition with clear evidence of leather patterning in panels and embossed detail. Different leathers have been used for decorative effect. The word “Journal” is in gold lettering on the spine. The marbelled end papers of the covers are red and yellow. The numbered ruled pages are in good condition, with printed red lines on bluish paper and various shades of black ink.

Donated by Ralphe Clothier


John James Wright’s Old Post Office Store Journal records transactions of local people in 1868-69, during a period of growth in both the town and the Colony.  Original daily transactions are recorded in the Journal and the summarized personal accounts contained in the Ledger are unique, well provenanced historical records of local Queanbeyan trade and are of great social significance.

J.J. Wright was an influential, complex man integral to the prosperity and development of the town from an unruly village to a Municipality. The store and its owner were an outstanding part of the Queanbeyan story and the store’s  records are evidence of J.J. Wright’s commercial success at that time.

J.J. Wright’s Customer’s Included:

Obadiah Wilans            Mrs Faunce                       Patrick O’Rourke

Mrs Williams                   John McInnes                 Miss Ellen McCann

Michael Duff                    Patrick Sheady              Abraham Levy

George Gifford                Leopold de Salis          Henry Glennie

Mrs Grady                        John Gale                         Andrew Cunningham

James Lonergan           Elizabeth Moran            William G O’Neil

Thomas Parr                   J W Nugent                      Mrs H Cantor

William Carnell              George Campbell          Joseph Blundell

What did customers buy in 1868?

Tea                        Flour                           Gloves                                 Buttons

Oatmeal             Muslin                         Coats                                   Elastic

Rice                      Tweed                          Belts                                   Collars

Chocolate           Cotton Tape              Socks                                 Velvet

Bacon                   Thread                        Hobble Checks               Calico

Raisins                  Towelling                  Tobacco                            Sheep

Butter                    Lace                             Rum                                   Horse Nails

Sugar                      Hooks & Eyes           Sherry                               Soap

Rope                       Needles                      Grinding Wheat            Opium

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