A Mysterious Night @ the Museum

Night at Museum

A Mysterious Night @ the Museum

You may have visited a museum alone, but what about under the cover of darkness?
What unusual and intriguing treasures might come to life in such a light – or without one?

Join author Nichole Overall and her team for another unique Winter Tour event when you’ll have the chance to explore Queanbeyan’s House of History, formerly the Police Sergeant’s residence of 1876, in a totally exclusive way.

Get up close and personal with items linked to local tales of mayhem, murder and the macabre, and become even more deeply involved by trying to help solve one of the town’s oldest enduring mysteries – the case of the disappearing grave.

You’ll walk a mile only a select few ever travel down, deep below another of the city’s prominent buildings, and experience first-hand a Queanbeyan of bushrangers, prison escapees and death sentences as we give up another of its most closely-guarded secrets.

But there’s yet more of the unknown to see – or not. Visit one of this area’s most significant heritage locations that also just happens to be one of the earliest burial grounds and which has borne witness to more than its share of tragedy as well as, according to many, the otherworldly.

In the words of Dracula himself, ‘we want you to believe … to believe in things that you cannot’, so come with us and share in a night of mystery where the only thing we promise is that nothing will be quite as it seems.

Numbers are strictly limited.

Date: August 27th
Time 8pm till 10.30pm (approx.)
Cost: $60pp including a light supper, with part of the proceeds donated to the Queanbeyan & District Historical Museum to continue their important work in being the keepers of our story.